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Top 5 Holy Grail Foundations

All of the foundations listed below are foundations recommended by me! As a Licensed Esthetician, it is understood that our skin cannot always look perfect. Makeup is always nice to apply for an extra boost of confidence if you aren't feeling like yourself. I was a Makeup Artist almost 4 years prior to being a Licensed Esthetician and everything below are foundations that I believe are worth a try in my professional opinion

Morphe Hint Hint Skin Tint

This foundation is stunning. It is the pure definition of "your skin but better". This foundation is sheer to medium coverage and amazing for an everyday daytime look. It is best for dry skin as it is very hydrating, however it could potentially work for people who have combination skin if it is used in conjunction with the right products. The product also has a luminous finish and a fair shade range for most people to find their color.

Here is a link to purchase:

Lancome Teint Idole

This foundation is so perfect for a night out on the town. It is potentially the most longwearing foundation on the market. It does really well underneath face masks but beware of maskne. It is full to medium coverage. It is compatible with all skin types. It looks good on generally everyone and the shade range is extremely impressive with over 40 shades to choose from. It has one of the largest shade ranges in the luxury cosmetic industry. The formula is also very lightweight and non-cakey. However, with it's longwearing capabilities, it does dry down a lot and oxidize. I recommend that if you are dry skin to put a light layer of face oil on the skin prior to application.

Here is a link to purchase:

Lancome Renergie de Vie

The Renergie de Vie Foundation is the daytime version of the Teint Idole in my opinion. However, it is a lot lighter of a formula cutting the wear time potentially in half in comparison to the Teint Idole. The foundation looks good for about 7 hours before you need to touch up anything and it is not very compatible with oily skin. This foundation looks incredible on people with mature, dry or overall dull skin. One of the best things about this foundation is that it features SPF 27 with added active skincare ingredients. It feels so nice on the skin, it is extremely lightweight and has a radiant finish. If you are older and you are looking to have a healthy youthful glow then this truly is the perfect foundation.

Here is a link to purchase:

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear

This is the best foundation for people who have oily skin but don't want a matte finish. Most companies that make foundation for oily/combination skin just assume that the people are looking for matte finish. Although the goal is to keep excess oils at bay, it doesn't mean that the skin can't have a little Glo. This foundation has a creamy base with a satin finish leaning more towards the radiant side. It has roughly a 12 hour wear time before it starts to get slick but it could last somewhat longer in conjunction with the right setting products. The shade range is wonderful with 40 shades to choose from and the undertones for the deeper skin tones are actually realistic while most companies create deeper skintones that only have warm undertones.

Here is a link to purchase:

Too Faced Born this Way (Original)

This foundation has incredible coverage. I personally used to wear this when my skin was at it's worse and it covered everything. It claims to be medium to full coverage but it is most definitely on the more full coverage side without being cakey. This foundation is oil-free but also features hyaluronic to nourish the skin fir all-day wear. This foundation is better for more dry skin types and cooler weather. It can also be great for oily skin types but you HAVE to set it properly. It isn't humidity friendly or sweatproof at all. However it makes a great foundation for a holiday party or quick date night. This foundation is also not the most longwearing. It has about a 6 hour wear time before touch ups. The reason it is on this list however, is because the finish is so remarkable. It is a staple for every makeup bag. It's one of those foundations that you have to have.

Here is a link to purchase:

These foundations are truly amazing and all of them are most definitely worth trying. It all truly depends on your skin type. If you ever have any questions regarding makeup or you want to take a class, feel free to send an email to and we will send you a free quote!

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