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Lash Extensions Aftercare

Updated: Jan 12

Here is everything you need to do after your lash appointment to make sure you come back to your fill appointment with more than 40% of lashes.

You just got a brand new set of lashes and you are feeling fly and on top of the world but you are nervous about messing them up or them falling out fast! The following tips are provided so that you can get the best retention from your lash extensions.

  1. Avoid Getting them wet for 48 hours

  2. Do not rub or touch your eye area, this would include brushing. Wait almost 4 to 5 days before you brush your lashes

  3. Clean with foam cleanser once a week, if you decide not to clean with a foam cleanser, when you are showering, you can always let the water run down your face in the shower with a little bit of suds from the shampoo. Let them dry, and brush them with your spoolie.

  4. Do not used oil based products around your eyes

  5. Avoid Sleeping on your face

  6. Avoid Extreme Heat ie Saunas and Steam Rooms

  7. Stay on top of your fills, you should be getting fills every 2-3 weeks. ( you may be able to prolong to 3 weeks if you follow all the up above steps)

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