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Dermaplaning: Terminal vs. Vellus Hair

The main question that is very common when it comes to dermaplaning is "Will my hair grow back thicker and longer?" The short answer to that question, is no. Here's why:

Your body produces two types of hair all over the body. Just like how not all skin is the same all over the body, it is exactly the same for hair!

Here is the bold difference:

Vellus hair is lightly pigmented, fine, short hair, often referred to as “peach fuzz” that is found on the face, arms, stomach, and legs.

Terminal hair is coarse, thick hair that is found on the scalp, underarms, and pubic area. In men, terminal hair is also found on the face.

Although both hair types are different in appearance, they actually have similar biological structures.

Both Vellus and Terminal Hair grow from a hair follicle that has a sebaceous gland that secretes oil to lubricate and protect the skin.

Hair grows in three separate stages which can be affected by age, nutrition and overall health:

Anagen- the growing phase

Catagen- the regressing phase

Telogen- the resting phase

Anagen is the growing phase in the hair growth cycle. In this phase the hair is actively growing however Vellus hair does not have as long of an anagen phase as Terminal Hair does.

Catagen is the regressing phase also known as the transitioning phase for hair growth. Hair can fall out easily at this point in the hair cycle.

Telogen is the resting period when hair does not grow. Vellus hair stays in this phase longer than Terminal Hair does.

The key biological difference between both hair types is a lack of medulla. Unlike terminal hair, vellus hair does not typically have a medulla. The medulla is a portion of the hair’s core that strengthens it, allowing it to grow longer.

Overall, these would be all the reasons, you never have to worry about additional hair growth with Dermaplaning because Dermaplaning is for the removal of vellus hairs only. An Esthetician should never run the Dermaplane blade over the eyebrows, on the upper lip or under the chin as this would cause additional hairgrowth as these areas of the face have terminal hair. A better option for the removal of these hairs would be waxing.

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The chart below represents an overview of the topics described above

Terminal Hair

Vellus Hair

Dark in Pigment

Light in Pigment, almost white appearance

Coarse in texture

Fine in texture

Longer in Length

Short in length

Contains typical hair structure

Lacking Medulla

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