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Make Up Application

We can help you achieve any look for any event. 

  • Does my facial service come with a hand and arm massage?
    Yes! Every facial comes with a hand and arm massage unless it is specified that it doesn't. There are a few services that do not come with a hand and arm massage however, you are always welcome to add one on to your service by clicking add on whenever you book.
  • Why weren’t extractions long enough?
    Every facial comes with extractions unless specified. Extraction time is 10-15 minutes of the service. If you need additional extraction time, it can be purchased as an add-on for your facial service or you can schedule the “Ultimate-Acne Facial” where extraction time is unlimited. Keep in mind, the longer the extractions take, you may have less massage time. If you are unsure about what service to book, you can schedule a free consultation or book a custom facial.
  • If I dermaplane, will my hair grow back thicker and longer?
    The short answer is no. There are two types of hair on the face, vellus hair and terminal hair. Terminal hair would be hair on the upper lip, chin, eyebrows and lashes. If you shave or trim this hair it will grow back thicker and longer in some cases (if you want to remove these hairs, they can be waxed). This is why we do not dermaplane in these areas. Dermaplaning is for the removal of the peach fuzz on the face and dead skin to give the skin a smoother and brighter appearance. It also allows products to penetrate deeper in the skin during the facial process. See more about Dermaplaning on our blog.
  • Can I still go out after my facial?
    In most cases yes, unless advised differently. You can continue your day to day life after a facial. However, if you do decide to go out, especially outside. You need to be sure to apply SPF and avoid makeup. After a facial you want to let all of the products soak in. You don’t want all the effort to be reversed.
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